Creative technologies on education

Workshop for teachers
Free registration
Schedule: monday, wednesday and friday, from 20th to 29th april, 16:00 to 20:00
Duration: 20 hours
Seats: 25
Venue: La Conservera Art Center, Ceuti



This course aims at discovering the creative technologies as learning tools with potential application in any subject.

Creative technologies are tools, usually open source, which are designed to meet the creative needs of designers, artists and creative people in general. Creative technologies stimulates of autonomous learning processes. From an early age anybody can generate interactive audiovisual devices easily.

In the classroom, the creative technologies can introduce other methods of learning in an informal setting where knowledge flow through experimentation and practice. They also promote a relationship with the teacher where students develop their autonomy and the teacher becomes a mediator who guides students in their pursuit of knowledge. This playful environment can help students who have difficulties with the classic learning system. It is also an excellent gateway to the world of technology for girls, who traditionally are out.

As examples of creative technology we can name Arduino, a programming language and also a circuit board with micro-controller that allows you to program interactions. Arduino is open hardware and has led to numerous tools derived, becoming a true standard. Therefore, learning Arduino means to be able to enter a new world of creation.

In this course we will approach creative technologies both from a theoretical and practical view. In the first session we will analyse the current situation of their use in education. We will also make a special emphasis on examples of uses in the classroom. In following sessions, we will experiment with a different technology in each session. We will also reflect on the different didactic strategies to introduce them in the classroom.

Day 1 – Introduction. What are the creative technologies?
Day 2 – Exploration 1: LittleBits: intuitive electronic
Day 3 – Exploration 2: Touchboard: sound generation and interactivity
Day 4 – Exploration 3: New materials: fabrics, stickers, pens, etc.
Day 5 – Exploration 4: Programming with Scratch and Arduino


Ink, paper and electricity

Workshop for families
Free registration
For kids and families.
Schedule: Saturday 25th april, 11:00 to 12:30 (First session)
Saturday 25th april, 12:30 to 14:00 (Second session)
Duration: 1h30
Seats: 20 (10 per session)
Venue: La Conservera Art Center, Ceuti

This workshop allows children to approach electricity through drawing.
By using a conductive pen they learn basic aspects of a circuit and can put light in their drawings by integrating LED, a battery and connecting everything through the strokes.

¡Inscríbete! (first session)
¡Inscríbete! (second session)




Creation with Little Bits

Workshop for kids
Free registration
For kids from 7 to 12 years old.
Schedule: Sunday 26th april, 11:30 to 13:30
Duration: 2 hours
Seats: 10
Venue: La Conservera Art Center, Ceuti

Little Bits is the easiest way to prototype and learn electronics. It is a set of electronic modules that are joined together with magnets and allow you to create many projects simple and fun way.




Creating experimental music instruments

Workshop for teens
Free registration
Boys and girls from 9 to 15 years old.
Schedule: Saturday 25th april, 17:00 to 19:30
Duration: 2:30 hours
Seats: 12
Venue: La Conservera Art Center, Ceuti

In this workshop we will experiment with music by creating new instruments with Touch Board by Bare conductive. Thanks to its capacitive pins, the Touch Board allows interactions and generate them directly with any conductive element. In this workshop participants proposes choose, create or record sounds that used to make their drawing tools and interfaces with which they will play.