Juan Martín Prada (Madrid, 1971). He is a professor at the University of Cádiz (Spain).

He is author of the books The postmodern appropriation. Art, Theory and practice appropriationist postmodernism (ed. Foundations, 2001), The new conditions of contemporary art (Briseño editors, 2003), and Internet art practices in the age of social networks (AKAL, Collection of Contemporary Art, 2012 ) and Another time for art. Questions and comments on contemporary art (Sendemà 2012).

He has also written numerous articles and essays on contemporary art theory and visual studies in journals such as Express EXIT, EXIT Book, Visual Studies, Fibreculture-The Journal, REIS, Digital Red, FLUOR, Papers d’art (Fundació d’Art Spaces Contemporary), A minima, Temps d’art, Transversal, Dforma or supplement “Cultura / s” in La Vanguardia newspaper of Barcelona, ​​among many other print and digital publications.

He is the author of texts for exhibition catalogs and anthologies edited by AKAL, Chair, Narcea, Seacex-Turner, etc. His writings and work have been featured in magazines and publications such as “Babelia” (El País), Art and Party Turia Magazine, ABC Cultural, ARCO News, La Vanguardia, Ciberpaís Magazine Pencil, etc.