Systems Engineer from the Universidad de los Andes (Venezuela).

Gustavo has a history of 11 years working at the intersection of Technologies, Creation and New Media as technical lead and project manager.

He has worked with the most prestigious institutions in Spain (Medialab Madrid / Prado, Intermediae, Labor Arts Center, Matadero Madrid, AlhondigaBilbao, Etopia Zaragoza, Tabakalera, CentroCentro) and other countries (Ars Electronica, UV2, Eyebeam, ZKM).

Since 2011, he is project manager at Ultra-lab. He is responsible for designing training courses for institutions (Fundación Telefónica, AlhondigaBilbao, Thyme Foundation, etc.) and the training program CTC Creative Technologies developed in Madrid and Barcelona in over 150 institutes in collaboration with Arduino Verkstad, the Generalitat de Catalunya and support of Fundación Telefónica and Fundación La Caixa.