Media Art Futures Conference


Artistic creation with new technologies is an evolving field. We can analyze its development linked to the history of technology in general and, in recent decades, to digital technologies and the Internet. However, an analysis of New Media Art can not overlook the critical issues and aesthetic character that involves technology. Neither the new relations established with the spectator and new areas for the creation and dissemination that enables. Conferences Media Art Futures seeks to draw an analysis of technological art based on its historical evolution to trace lines of action towards new scenarios and future developments.

As part of the International Festival Media Art Futures, from 15th to 17th april renowed artist, art historians, theorists and researchers of contemporary art and new media will meet at Centro Párraga to offer their views on the history, development and complexities of Media Art.

Among them we can highlight professors Oliver Grau and Jose Ramón Alcalá, the artist Christa Sommerer pioneer in art and artificial life, Christopher Lindinger, director of innovation and development of Ars Electronica Futurelab and the curators experts in new media Pau Waelder, Dominique Moulon and Daphne Dragona.

In addition to the keynote presentations a series of roundtables have been organized to conduct a deep analyse of the past, present and future of Media Art.

The conference program also includes the seminar Interactivos?15 Murcia-Futures at play. A series of presentations, discussions and working groups around the projects selected for development in the intensive workshop to be held at La Conservera Art Center from 18th to 27th April.

On the 17th we will also have a special program dedicated to Imagine Culture, an event of disruptive innovation that takes place in different formats and in which the participants (Dreamers) work in multidisciplinary teams to generate innovative projects in the context of culture, science and art.

*Conference language is spanish and english.
Simultaneous translation is available at Media Art Futures Conferences.
Consecutive translation will be availabe at Interactivos?15 Murcia presentations.

April Time Programme Activity
15 9:30 Media Art Futures Registration and wellcome words.
10:00 Media Art Futures The complex expression of digital art: Media Art Histories and its Impact on Archives and Humanities
Conference by Oliver Grau
11:00 Media Art Futures Media Art in spanish context.
Conference by José Ramón Alcalá
12:30 Media Art Futures Round table: Understanding Media Art
Chaired by Juan Martín Prada and Kepa Landa
16:00 Interactivos? 15 Futures at play
16:15 Interactivos? 15 Presentation by Mar Canet and Varvara Gulajeva
17:00 Interactivos? 15 Presentation of selected projects and collaborators
18:30 Interactivos? 15 Working session
16 10:00 Media Art Futures Teaching the art of interaction.
Conference by Christa Sommerer
11:00 Media Art Futures Conference by Daphne Dragona
12:30 Media Art Futures Round table: Media, formats and processes
Chaired by Marcos García and Oscar Abril
16:00 Interactivos? 15 Presentation by Román Torre
16:45 Interactivos? 15 Presentation by Diego Díaz
18:00 Interactivos? 15 Presentation of selected projects and collaborators
18:40 Interactivos? 15 Working session
17 10:00 Media Art Futures Conference by Christopher Lindinger
11:00 Media Art Futures Digital as contemporary art.
Conference by Dominique Moulon
12:30 Media Art Futures Roundtable: The future of digital art
Chaired by Clara Boj and Pau Waelder
16:00 Imagine Cultura Presentation by Xavier Verdaguer
16:30 Imagine Cultura Disruptive Innovation
Conference by Xavier Verdaguer
17:30 Imagine Cultura Presentation of projects developed at Imagine Cultura Barcelona 2015 – Dreamers
18:30 Imagine Cultura Roundtable


from 15th to 17th april
Centro Párraga